How It Works

Image of a boat at the docs

What if yacht clubs, marinas, and both private and public dock owners could connect with people who enjoy boating as much as they do? What if you want to find solutions without all the fuss and expense of going through a middleman?

The DockHere app is a peer-to-peer app that forges those connections with ease and helps you create a community on the water.

Take your sailboat, motorboat, kayak, or even paddleboard out on the water and find a spot for a picnic or for the long-term with our app’s real-time spot finding feature. DockHere lets boaters find a spot without going from port to port and allows dock owners to rent out multiple slips out a time so they always fill spots.

Image of jeep next to water

With real-time connectivity, you can seek out available dock space wherever you need it. This gives you the opportunity to take different trips, longer trips, and stay flexible and fun while out exploring or relaxing on the water.

The DockHere app was created for those who share the love of water, outdoors, and the boating Community. We are for everyone who loves the water. With DockHere, your next adventure is always Just One Dock Away! Download our app on the Apple Store and Google Play now.

Still have questions? Contact our dedicated team, we look forward to connecting with you.